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Tidbits of Joy #29 - Memorial Day

Dear Employees, Clients, and Friends;

Every Memorial Day growing up, our church held a service at the parish cemetery honoring the men and women who served in the military. I was awe-struck by the pride exuding from the people who attended, dressed in their respective uniforms to honor the fallen veterans. Every inch of their uniform was ironed perfectly, and you know this is a labor of love to present in public with this level of excellence. I looked up to these towering figures as superheroes. Immediately after the service, we drove to my grandparents for a family picnic. It was a perfect day!! I recall wearing the poppy flower when my mom gave a donation to the American Legion. I collected as many poppies as I could and believe it or not, occasionally when I dig through a drawer, I still find one. 😊

Fortunately, this Memorial Day holiday weekend, more of us can gather as the number of vaccinated people increase. Let us support each other by encouraging and helping others get vaccinated which continues to forward the efforts to save lives.

Thank you to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives whether in the military or being everyday heroes. We honor and appreciate you!!

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