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Tidbits of Joy #36 - Happy Thanksgiving

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

This year has raced by with Thanksgiving already upon us. I pray for all of us that this year brings more togetherness and joy and most importantly good health.

We, at AdNet are so grateful for the relationships that we have continued to nurture and the jobs we have provided for many people over the past year. Though we are still virtual in many cases, the connection of voice and sometimes over the internet waves has meant a great deal through these challenging times. Each week in our staff meetings we go around the team and ask, “what am I grateful for”? We have a huge mixing bowl of gratitude to share with each other which serves as a warm gentle reminder on our tough days.

As we gather in-person or virtually with family and friends, let’s begin the meal with a prayer of thanks for the precious gift of life that we all have been given. After the meal is complete and before dessert is served, give everyone a piece of paper that says What are the Five Things that I am Most Grateful for this Thanksgiving or if virtually, ask everyone beforehand to be prepared to share their gratitude around the table. Be fully present to hear every response and really listen to all the goodness that everyone is putting out into the universe. It’s beautiful to hear the gratitude that is stirring in our hearts.

I am grateful for all the inspiring and loving people we, at AdNet, are fortunate to serve each day. Blessings to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

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