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Tidbits of Joy #75 - Spring is Here

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients, and Friends;

Spring is officially here and with that comes opportunities for new growth and awareness. So, this month, let’s start with self-reflection on making our world a better place. Though we are celebrating multiple holidays this month, I want to take the time to honor Transgender Day of Visibility which is on March 31. I would also like to wish all of our Muslim friends and family a happy Ramadan. Both of these diverse communities have been experiencing an extreme amount of hatred fueled by ignorance and misconception, and it saddens me to see friends, family, and strangers scared for their lives. AdNet is committed to work cultures where everyone is valued, seen and heard.

If you catch yourself judging someone because you don’t understand their choices or perhaps lose patience, just step back and take a breath. We are all doing the best we can and sometimes slowing down can curb our judgements.

As we step into Passover and Easter festivities, make traditional meals, attend religious services, and gather with loved ones, take the time for gratitude because if we all collectively put gratitude out into the universe, goodness and love will come back to us. As someone who has called Baltimore home for many years, I am keeping my community in my thoughts and prayers as we rebuild and heal from the tragedy of the collapse of the Franklin Scott Key Bridge that took place in the early hours of March 26th.

May this season be filled with love and light for you and your loved ones. Happy Easter, Happy Ramadan, and Happy Spring from your friends at AdNet.

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