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Tidbits of Joy #77 - Expiration Dates on Grief

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients, and Friends;

Room at the Table’s first episode discussing grief was met with an overwhelming amount of support and love that I knew when I was planning the second season of my podcast that I needed to do a part two on grief.

Many of you know that I lost my mother in December of 2022 and my journey with grieving her has been ever evolving. Society will look at the details of my mother’s death and say “Oh she lived such a long life. Be happy you had her for as long as you did”, and while yes, this is true, we grew together for 61 years, and she served as both a mother and a father.

Last season, I discussed with Trauma Informed Expert, Jennifer Barchi how to navigate grief while being in a professional environment as it matched the stage of grief I was in. In part two, I decided to take a different approach and bring on a guest who knows grief as personally as I do. Miranda Quinn, with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, joined me to discuss the societal pressures to stop grieving after a certain point and how grief is a life-long journey with different destinations along the way.

Miranda and I connected over the mutual loss of our mothers and how we carry our parent’s legacies in our work. With May’s celebration of Mother’s Day, I felt releasing this episode now was only fitting.

You can listen to this month’s episode of Room at the Table and all other episodes on any platform podcasts are available as well as on AdNet’s website. To find tickets to see Miranda Quinn on Alvin Ailey Dance Company’s current tour, please check out their website for more details.

Whether you are new or an old pro in your grieving journey, please know that I will always be a listening ear. We are in this together!

Happy Spring and Happy Mother’s Day!

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