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Tidbits of Joy #26 - Winter Calm

Dear Employees, Clients, and Friends;

This past week our region enjoyed beautiful snowfalls with more to come. If this was pre-COVID, I may not be writing with such joy as I clean off the car early in the morning to get to the office or sit in traffic heading to DC. But the universe still has us staying home and now I got to enjoy the winter wonderland and the quiet outside. It’s something how there is a stillness in the air during the snow. Some of you may be tired of the stillness, and I know at times it’s a challenge, yet there are so many undiscovered answers in stillness. I find that I’m more productive and clearer with my work without the distracting frenetic pace. I’m working more hours yet somehow feel better in my soul. Enjoying picturesque views in my neighborhood as well as shoveling feels more joyful knowing I get to go back inside rather than having to race anywhere. Why not enjoy the beauty of winter, now, because before we know it, it will be next year, and we’ll all be grumbling about having to be out in the snow.

I remind myself that being home more than I preferred, has brought a lot of unexpected gifts and some unexpected feelings. While I’m missing people more now and feeling boxed in by the limitations of being home most of the time, I’m getting more creative about how to occupy myself outside of my usual routine. It does take effort because cleaning out another closet or drawer has gotten old. I have been reading much more, listening to different types of music and we spend more time talking than me rushing to the next meeting. Around the corner will be the time for getting back on the road, so for now, I appreciate every new day that I get to live.

I love old jazz and there’s nothing better than Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to keep us warm, right? 😊 Listen here

Enjoy and Happy Every Day to us all.

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