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Tidbits of Joy #3 - Time of Passover and Easter

Hello AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends,

As we start the sacred time of Passover and Easter, we find ourselves being more creative to bring our loved ones together during COVID. What we must remember is that our faith and spiritual connection to something greater than ourselves is far more powerful than the times we are facing now. When we send out good thoughts and prayer to the universe, we can overcome the deepest of challenges. I truly believe that!! Every day we wake up and continue to stay at home giving our best we can mindfully approach each task with gratitude even when it may not be our favorite thing to do. Before our work status changed, I began reading What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, which are beautifully written daily reflections. Yesterday, I sat down to read Oprah’s next passage and it was appropriate for the times and I’d like to share it with you:

Every challenge we take on has the power to knock us to our knees. But what’s even more disconcerting than the jolt itself is our fear that we won’t withstand it. When we feel the ground beneath us shifting, we panic.

We forget everything we know and allow fear to freeze us. Just the thought of what could happen is enough to throw us off balance.

What I know for sure is that the only way to endure the quake is to adjust your stance. You can’t avoid the daily tremors. They come with being alive. But I believe these experiences are gifts that force us to step to the right or left in search of a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Let them help you adjust your footing.

Balance lives in the present. When you feel the earth moving, bring yourself back to the now. You’ll handle whatever shake-up the next moment brings when you get to it. In this moment, you’re still breathing.

In this moment, you’ve survived. In this moment, you’re finding a way to step onto higher ground.

Wherever you are at today, remember that every day is a new beginning, a blank page to create it however we choose. Connect with people you love, reach out to old friends, perhaps make amends with someone who you have wanted to for a long time. Right now, all we have is time, and that time can be used as a precious gift to experience joy, make music, heal some old wounds, enjoy a hobby or simply rest our weary minds.

Stay healthy and strong.

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