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Tidbits of Joy #48 - Welcome to Our Table

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

As we move into this time of year, Autumn gifts us with beautiful foliage, and the celebration of the Yom Kippur and Thanksgiving holidays. We gather around the table and places of worship to reflect and give thanks. At AdNet we give thanks for our values which emphasize inclusivity. Everyone is welcomed in our workplace which is the table where we gather. As our team grows both spiritually and professionally, AdNet’s main goal is to always prioritize the foundation on which this company was built. When I started AdNet over thirty years ago, I promised that the company would be a safe space for all working professionals. We evolved with the changing times shifting on and offboarding processes to ensure equity and fairness. Over the years, AdNet has employed so many diverse individuals including disabled persons, the LGBTQ community, people of color, US Veterans, and women. We understand what being marginalized feels like because every corporate employee walks this path, and we walk it with gratitude and eloquence. This also has us passionate about diverse hiring and following best practices to protect workplaces.

In 2022, it should be a given that equity and inclusion is a priority for all business executives when hiring and promoting individuals within a company. Sadly, however, many marginalized individuals still face discrimination in the workplace. We need to shift that practice to push companies to take extra time to find the best people in diverse groups rather than going with the quickest and easiest hire. Long term hiring strategies are the wisest choice. AdNet works hard to nurture relationships with clients who have the same core values so we can continue to prioritize finding jobs for diverse professionals.

Inclusivity is not only a priority when placing candidates with our clients, but in everything we put out in the world that is representative of AdNet. Our social media posts and our website are also indicative of our values and why AdNet is respected and highly regarding in the business community. Please click here to view our newly updated website featuring a beautiful video displaying the kind of diverse work environments you can expect to work in when you choose AdNet as your hiring choice.

Enjoy the season and as always, thank you for your partnership.

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