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Tidbits of Joy #52 - Happy New Year

Dear AdNet Employees, Friends and Clients;

Our 2022 Holiday Season is in full swing with Hannukah’s celebration of light for eight glorious days, Christmas’s sacred time to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, Kwanzaa to honor African American culture and Boxing Day to give to the poor.

Holidays are a time for tradition, and it isn’t uncommon to want to reflect on previous holidays and how they have evolved as years pass from childhood to adulthood. One of Sydney’s most favorite childhood traditions was spending time with her older cousins baking sugar cookies from scratch in their grandmother’s kitchen. Now as an adult, she doesn’t get to attend anymore due to such busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean tradition is no longer in her holiday season.

My mom taught me how to make Italian pizzelle cookies and I carry on her tradition each year. The Cerulo-Murray Christmas meal leans more on the Italian side with traditional melon & prosciutto, Italian Wedding Soup and then the main meal. There was a time when pasta was tucked between the soup and main meal until we discovered we were way too full to enjoy the main meal. I tell our kids that this was a customary tradition growing up. 😊 Everything revolved around church and the meal which was ever prepared with so much love. It’s that loving intention that stays with me the most as I’ve watched my own family grow. There is a resounding theme that our time together often sitting in front of the fireplace after the meal is what we love most.

As we celebrate this year, be mindful that the holidays bring up a myriad of feelings for people so, take the time to pay attention to others around us. Offer an extra hug, look deeply into a stranger’s eyes as well as those we love, extend a greeting or hold the door open. There may be a day that your loved one will not be present for a holiday tradition and an amazing gift is to have their loving eyes looking back at you always etched in your heart. Connection in a heartfelt way, is priceless so give the gift of love and consideration because those are the memories that last far longer than a gift.

AdNet thanks our customers for allowing us to support your missions and stay together amidst the evolving world.

This holiday season, we send everyone an abundance of love and peace. May you have good health and joy every day. Happy New Year!

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