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Tidbits of Joy #53 - A Clean Slate

Dear AdNet Employees, Customers and Friends;

Welcome to 2023!! In the blink of an eye, we have all made another journey around the sun and here we are with a clean slate to make 2023 a year filled with realized dreams. We get to reflect on the year before and embrace change to set the stage for creating a year filled with new experiences. Often, to get to that point we experience some bumps which the universe puts on our path for learning. It’s important that we examine what did not work previously and ask for what we need. I find that surrounding myself with people who will help me make the journey fulfilling is a must. The energy of positive people who make things happen empower me to take myself to the next level of growth. Staying the same is fine if it’s bringing you joy. “Don’t fix what’s not broken”. Yet opening oneself up to new experiences or conversations expands our perspective in life.

My 2023 will look different having lost my Mom in December. Through this medium, I have shared tidbits of my Mom’s wisdom which are with me every day. She lived to 98 and it was her time to transition to a peaceful eternal rest. Yes, my heart is heavy, and I hear her every day saying, “you will be fine”. And she’s right. In her last days, I asked Mom about a sign as to how I will know it’s her popping in once in a while with a message. She smiled and said, “just make it up”!! So, I did and one of the days of extreme cold weather around Christmas, I got in my car and on the passenger side was a small leaf stuck to the car perfectly shaped in a heart. Well, that’s never happened before and I’m sure that was Mom sending some love because I sure needed it that day.

My message here is to look for signs and be present to what is in front of you. If you are not liking what you are seeing or experiencing, you/we can change it. We don’t have to accept just any old way of living or thinking. Ask for what you need, and the universe will help you start over at any time. Clean that slate off and paint it however you wish in a way that brings joy. Remember, you are the artist of your life. 😊

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