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Tidbits of Joy #69 - Thanksgiving Gratitude

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded to keep gratitude at the top of my priorities, as I have a noticeable wonderful shift in my energy when I am in the “attitude of gratitude” state of mind. Holiday seasons come wrapped with sacred time to be thankful, good food, loved ones and a whole lot more. However, holidays can be difficult for a host of reasons. When those feelings of sadness come close, focus on gratitude even for the smallest thing. We have water to drink, we have jobs, we have a roof over our head, and a warm bed to rest in at night. Very simple things that some people around the world are praying hard to receive.

As I end this year’s Thanksgiving Tidbits of Joy, I’d like to share a short clip that addresses what we are seeing around the world and how to keep ourselves centered. Take a listen and take a deep breath.

At this Thanksgiving holiday, AdNet thanks all of you for being on our journey and for being our teachers and caring ear through the difficult times. As we gather this week with loved ones, cherish those moments and be grateful for each other.

You are loved this day and every day. 😊

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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