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Tidbits of Joy #10 - No News is Good News

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

We have all heard the popular phrase “No News is Good News”, right? Well, in my experiences no news is NOT good news. Sometimes when I hear that term used in business, it’s merely that there is no information to share yet deep down there could be a pot ready to boil over!! Sometimes it’s amusing and sometimes it’s just the inevitable roll your eyes, heavy sigh event waiting to happen that you wish wouldn’t happen. Pause and think about it the next time the phrase is spoken.

When I hear a client say “no news is good news”, I have learned to gently press forward asking for feedback. If there is an unpleasant truth early on, inevitably we can stop the bad behavior before it leaves the station like a runaway train!! In my youth, I left the station like a runaway train, too, so I know the value in having some wisdom tapping me or anyone on the shoulder before the leap to nowhere occurs!!

Over the past few months, I pick and choose when I access the news to mindfully weave it into my day. In these cases, less has been better BUT I don’t tune it out or avoid what I need to know during a crisis. If we pay attention to the news during a crisis or even during seasonal storms, why do we find it hard to tend to the “news” in our workplaces and relationships? Maybe it’s too much information or maybe it’s the same old drama. Even in our avoidance, it’s still there looming over us like a piano ready to come crashing down rendering us flat as a pancake!!

My advice is face the music as soon as you can. Pick up the phone and have the conversation, however difficult it may be. Given we are virtual at this time, you can practice what you want to say by writing it out before you make the call. Write out a few scenarios to guide you through the conversation. The other person won’t know you are reading notes and you will find that you remain grounded and rarely get side swiped because you thought of almost every scenario that could happen before you picked up the phone. If the conversation starts to escalate, keep yourself calm and you will find that the escalated person will start to bring their tone down when they don’t have someone to match their high emotion. You can both agree to resume the conversation when you both are calmer; just make sure you confirm the next conversation or else it’s too easy for it not to happen. Take deep breathes as you feel yourself approaching the rough waters. The safety of the shore is ahead. As soon as the heavy weight lifts off your shoulders, there will be more energy available to you. Here are a few approaches to consider.

As we embark on the summer months and slowly ease back to our workplaces, take the time now to practice avoiding the “No News is Good News” syndrome and strengthen your “Embrace It With Joy” techniques. C’mon, we have been going through a pandemic together, cleaning your mental workspace will be as easy as having your favorite slice of pie!! Keep that image and you’ll be more than fine.

Have a wonderful week.


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