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Tidbits of Joy #11 - Peace

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

Our Country weeps again and again and again, at the hands of evil. I am at a loss for words yet staying silent regarding the tragic deaths of innocent black men and women is something I won’t do as a leader in the community. I have a different set of rules that were given to me being white and though I have experienced abuse and pain being an LGBT woman, still, the unspoken rulebook exists.

In the 80’s the LGBT community chanted the mantra of Silence = Death because of the lack of response for stopping the spread of AIDS. So many of my friends died, needlessly. I was much younger and in some naïve way, I thought as I got older, adults would behave better; all people would have freedom. At 58, more tears are being shed and there is little change. We must make the world a better place for our youth and for humanity.

We must use our resources and influence to peacefully put our Country on a consistent healing path to end racial inequities and discrimination for every single diverse group. It starts with me through my thoughts, words, and actions and what I model for others.

I make this promise today, that my voice will be louder and I will work harder to use my influence, and we ALL have influence, in our family, workplace and on the street to gracefully interrupt harmful words and behaviors. Teach peace and equality in every word we speak. I truly believe if we use prayer and set good examples to an exponential degree, we can shift the energy to fairness and balance for all. And we must do this together.

As you end your day and sit with your thoughts, I ask, what will be your Legacy of Peace for our future?


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