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Tidbits of Joy #12 - Pride

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

Yesterday was a happy day in the LGBTQ community with the Supreme Court’s final decision that the Federal Anti-Bias Law protects LGBTQ Workers. Please take a few moments to read the article. Supreme Court Says Federal Anti-Bias Law Protects LGBTQ Workers “An individual’s homosexuality or transgender status is not relevant to employment decisions.” wrote Justice Neil Gorshuch. Focusing on how we do our work and how we “be” on our respective teams needs to be the only focus. When any of us are free to walk through life fully expressed as who we are, our work life is so much more fulfilling and enriching. No one should ever feel unsafe in any workplace or business setting.

From the perspective of an LGBTQ woman, here are some things not to ask. And believe me, I am still asked these questions.

  • “I don’t have a problem with you being gay.” My answer: Good because I don’t have a problem with you being straight?

  • “I have gay friends.” My answer and sometimes to myself after I have rolled my eyes: That’s great and I have straight friends!!

  • “What happened in your childhood to make you gay?” My answer: What happened in your childhood to ask me such a question?

  • “Who takes out the trash?” My answer: If you ask me again, you can take out our trash.

  • “You must know _________ (someone they know who is gay)” My answer: “Ah, I don’t keep a roster.”

So, do you see that people mean no harm in their questions, yet they are not thinking through how the question will be received. This is where we all need to stop and think about how a question will impact the other person. Doesn’t that sound like leadership?? I will always bring us back to how we show up the workplace.

If you are curious enough to ask questions of any person who is different from you, my expectation is that you want to be part of the solution for change knowing it begins with you/me. We all have different experiences in life, and we need to truly honor our collective differences and similarities.

Happy Pride to all!

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