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Tidbits of Joy #13 - Father's Day

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

Happy Belated Father’s Day to the amazing people on this list who are every kind of Father imaginable from biological, logical and those who hold paternal energy for people in our lives. Father’s Day offers us the opportunity to reflect on the special people who stood for us at any point in time. My dad died when I was 6 yet even after so many years, his spirit is very present in my being. He was a banker who gave small business loans to the diverse communities when other banks turned them down. In the 1960’s discrimination was rampant, yet my father only saw possibility and integrity when he engaged a customer. Everyone was welcomed at his bank and if you had a dream, he was right there to support you on the path. Bankers did not make a lot of money back then, yet my dad had wealth within his heart. One day a man attempted to rob the bank and my dad & another employee apprehended the robber to find out the guy had a toy gun. But my dad didn’t know that when he was in hot pursuit. All my dad was focused on was to protect his employees and customers. Yup, I’m like my dad. His influence shaped who I am today through my memories and the tons and tons of stories shared over the years.

Business is not always straight out of a leadership book for us to follow when there is a challenge. We draw upon the teachers in our lives, both living and deceased, to teach us courage and wisdom to make some of the biggest decisions on our path.

What does paternal energy mean to you? It can come from our father’s, our mother’s or anyone who holds a place of influence. If you are curious about your “leading energy”, Tony Robbins offers a short quiz to get some insight.

Our younger generation is watching closely as we lead with what we say and how we act. That’s an honor and an important responsibility to be taken very seriously. Draw upon the good things we observed in our fathers and mothers who were single parents and proceed courageously into the world to make it an equal place for the younger generations ahead.

Happy Father’s Day!

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