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Tidbits of Joy #16 - The Power of Four

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends,

As time goes on, I find new challenges on my plate that were not there pre-COVID. Business is evolving and changing which means as a leader, we must change with the unknown. There are some days the changes occur hour to hour which tap into a different part of my knowledge base. At times, I am tested because I experience behaviors that are not typical. People are living with the unknown as we navigate through isolation. How do we change quickly while being grounded and present to ourselves and those who depend on us? During stressful times which come along more often these days, I work on using the breath to ground myself before I make a decision. I’ll call it the “Four Me” method since it’s my own slice of serenity. It’s simple and the positive results are immediate. If you think this is goofy, people in the military use variations of the breath as a tactical method to maintain clarity.

Try it:

  • Breathe in as you count to 4

  • Hold your breath as count to 4

  • Release the breath as you count to 4

  • Be in the stillness as you count to 4

Imagine the process going in a continuous circle. If you need to do it again, take as many times as you need to restore yourself to some type of balance. Then go on with what you need to handle. The level of anxiety or stress will lessen, your mind will feel clearer and you will be more apt to respond than to react. Give this break to yourself and especially before you need to get on another virtual call, ground yourself and breathe………..

Be well, my friends.


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