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Tidbits of Joy #18 - Wake Up

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

When we are fully awake at the wheel of life and business, we have an opportunity to operate at our best selves. We are aware and have the bandwidth to field most things that come our way, even the hardest decisions. Whether we are in leadership roles or part of a team, other people are counting on us to make well thought decisions that positively impact our workplaces, families, and often our country. Think about the nights we toss and turn or are using technology late at night which is proven to disturb our sleep patterns. Trust me, I know!!! Put that darned phone away early in the evening which is one of the best sleeping aids you can give to yourself. Get good rest to start your day. We deserve it.

We need to be present and awake to make much needed change in our world. Most of us are everyday people, earning honest livings to provide for our loved ones and saving for our future. When there is uncertainty in the economy, some of these basic needs are put at risk. Yet, we are complacent and snoozing at the wheel as though it is up to someone else to steer the ship. NO NO NO!! It’s my ship and it’s your ship to steer into calm waters. And we can do this, together. I realize some of my emails have similar messages which are inspired by music because I can count on music to keep me uplifted.

We need to wake up and use our voices in a good way for change. Again, I invite you to turn up the volume, listen to these words and Wake Up Everybody

Be well, my friends.


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