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Tidbits of Joy #24 - Joy

Dear Employees, Clients, and Friends;

December brings many holidays our way from multiple cultures which is the beautiful part of humanity in that we get to share and learn from a variety of rich traditions. A Cerulo Christmas is the typical Italian holiday table with multiple courses inspired by my mom and grandmother’s peasant food cooking. In listening to other culture delicacies served at friends’ homes, my mouth salivates hearing all the amazing flavors that I can’t wait to taste post COVID.

This year, less family will be around the table and the meal will be less robust, yet we will visit and eat over Zoom. I am grateful for each other and for the lessons I am learning through the pandemic. The slower pace of staying home and being away from stores for holiday shopping has given me an extended gift of time for reflection to be thankful for life and send more prayers into the universe for people who are in great need.

May this holiday season we focus out on doing good for others as we welcome quiet moments. Thank you all for every conversation we share, and for the difference we have made together. Sending you joy and peace this season.

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