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Tidbits of Joy #30 - Mindful Change

Happy Summer Everyone,

Now we are in full swing of summer and the warmth and sun are upon us with a dash of Cicada’s!! Every new season is a good time to explore change which benefits our well-being. Earlier this month I wrote an article for Women’s Enterprise Magazine with a focus on “mindful change”. Here is the link and I hope you will enjoy it.

As we begin to come out of hibernation from the past year of COVID, as with the Cicada’s, let’s spread our wings and make some good noise as we reconnect with others. If there is something you want to change, take this time over the summer to shift away from the behaviors that weigh us down and take a step to make one small change that will give you a ray of hope. Find a buddy, tell them about what you want to change and do it.

A few months ago, I took another step towards good health and changed my diet and inserted regular strengthening exercises to my routine. It was an adjustment as I kicked and scream a little bit but when I saw positive results, I kept going. Meals became a mindful process and today, I feel much better with minimal aches. My wife and I made the commitment together so anytime one of us went to grab a bag of chips or put an extra scoop of ice cream in the dish, we chuckled and supported each other to maybe having less or eating fruit.

Mindful change can be an enriching process once we take the first step towards the change. Have fun with it and if you like, let me know how you are doing. Supporting each other towards good change only makes the world a happier place and we all deserve happiness.

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