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Tidbits of Joy #33 - Electronic Fast

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients, and Friends;

Would you like a quick vacation? How about an electronic fast? Cell phones, computers and every other digital device or social media connection can wear us down with overuse. I have certainly spent more time on technology that is needed and the unwanted noise in my off time hinders me from replenishing my energy to start the next day or week fresh. Sometimes the overuse is both reading as well as listening. I did my own experiment recently because I noticed my eyes were hurting more than usual. So, I turned off the cell phone and put it away immediately after dinner. My eyes had a few hours break before I went to sleep and yes, I slept better. I started to take more breaks away from the computer with more time talking on the phone versus virtual which gave my eyes a rest. Within a few days, my eyes felt much better overall. Sometimes I have to hit myself over the head to take a breather. I also use a blue light cell phone filter that has helped immensely but I must do my part to put the phone down more often. Here is what I use from Eye Just: We must “do the work” for good change to stick.

Start slowly and experiment to see the difference less technology will do. Our eyes tend to feel better on vacation because we are away from computers, and I am in full support of not working on vacation because how can any of us rest our minds if we stay connected? Even as a business owner, I set boundaries to be my best self as a leader, and for my personal well-being. My wife sometimes must remind me to disconnect, and I am much better at listening to her wisdom.

Here’s an article you may enjoy about a digital detox.

Happy Electronic Fast and enjoy the mini vacation. You deserve it!!

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