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Tidbits of Joy #38 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Dear AdNet Employees, Customer and Friends;

Monday, we observe Martin Luther King’s birthday which is often noted as a day of service to do something good for others. However, you choose, please give to those in need. Each year, I listen to a variety of Dr. King’s speeches as inspiration and a reminder that we have so much more work to do. Today, I came across The Story of Martin Luther King as told by Kid President Kid President’s philosophy is to treat everyone like it’s their birthday!! Love it. ❤️ C’mon, most of us have a twinkle in our eye on our birthday. I turned 60 in December and was over the moon happy that day!! And we offer songs and greetings to others on their birthday. Even if someone gets under our skin, there is always room for a Happy Birthday greeting, right?

Imagine this on MLK Day, we act as if it’s the birthday of everyone we encounter whether a stranger or friend/family. I bet the happy vibration around the world would jump to a new level of joy. Because when we speak and think goodness, it makes others happy and surrounds us in a bubble of joy. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you are off on Monday and the kids are acting up, your first response may be to raise your voice. Try a calm approach. If you are in the car and a driver cuts you off or is driving too slow in the fast lane, you may have a few choice words or hand gestures. How about on Monday, you yield and smile. These simple acts of kindness will make your day different, and it will put more goodness into the world. You will be free from angst.

Let us all remember to hold onto “I Have a Dream” and know that with tenacity and courage, we will come into the light from the darkness and good will outshine evil. We are being tested everyday to push for equity and it is a lifetime journey because our world needs a lot of help. Yet we will never give up on the powerful ending of Dr. King’s speech, “let freedom ring….join hands……we are free at last”

May your MLK day be filled with blessings and kindness.

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