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Tidbits of Joy #41 - Shake It Off Leadership

Dear AdNet Clients, Employees and Friends;

At long last, I am happy to formally announce the release of my book Shake It Off Leadership – Achieving Success Through the Eyes of Our Labels. This was a long time coming, probably 5 years getting my thoughts together and learning the ropes of being an author. There were times I walked through the private conversation of “who cares about my story” and “will I offend anyone”. That was all my old internal “not good enough” recording in my mind. It was time to burn that old stuff and own the positive impact I have in business having gotten to this point with a lot of re-creating myself and stepping into my female personal power.

Why write this now you may ask? After attending the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, I was so riveted by the number of women, the show of diversity and the posters of passion that my soul was screaming that it was time for me to write my story. I knew we, as a country, were embarking on the fight of our lives for those next 4 years if we were in any diverse group other than the unevolved, entitled, bully mentality. Yup, I said it and it feels good because that’s exactly how I feel having tolerated and made enough excuses for the bad behaviors I witnessed in my career by both women and men. This is about how we can make our workplaces more inclusive and stronger because of our diversity. And, as women, we no longer have to give guys a free pass for breaking agreements, speaking inappropriately, or harming us. I don’t want to hear anymore, “he didn’t mean it”, “he’s a good guy”, “he’s so busy”. We’ll, he if he didn’t mean it, then why did he say/do it? And do you think I twiddle my thumbs and eat bon bons all day that I can take on his responsibilities, too? Shift your thinking to hold people accountable the same way we are held accountable. Tell the truth, when a woman steps one inch out of line, we are called out and shamed. But not men…..”he’s a leader, he’s assertive”. Well, I’m here to interrupt that perception and stop us all from standing in the way of our inner wisdom and power. G

Since it’s Women’s History Month, I really want to leave a small mark of good on the earth and I hope you will help me do it. 😊 Click through my web site to learn more about the book. If you want a copy of a mini workbook we put together with some exercises, I’m happy to email it to you. It will be up on the web site shortly. Please support me by ordering a copy of the book in either hard copy or audio. I did the recording, so it gets a little humorous with me narrating my own experiences. If you want a discounted price on bulk orders for your team, email me directly. Now that the workplace is starting to gather again, I would love to come speak with your teams to support you in empowering your up-and-coming leaders and guide your leadership teams on how to make your workgroups more effective and how to face issues head on with more ease and less strife. Yes, it’s very possible to walk into a corporate hornet’s nest and come out with a jar of honey!! I’ll share what has worked in our workplace through the toughest of times. I’m so proud of the AdNet team beyond what words can convey. Over 32 years that AdNet has been in existence so many amazing people helped to shape my leadership style even when my heart broke a few times along the way. But remember, Shake It Off, and keep going!!!

I am speaking on podcasts talking about the book and AdNet so watch on my LinkedIn feed and AdNet’s social media outlets as the podcasts are released. There was really amazing content with hosts who asked honest and tough questions.

Let’s celebrate the outstanding women around us this month!!

Much love and thanks to you all.

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