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Tidbits of Joy #43 - New Beginning Blessings

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

Many of us are preparing for the Easter and Passover holiday season which is a time of reflection on new beginnings. The Cerulo-Murray family will finally have our family all together to celebrate the holiday with our traditional Easter Egg hunt with carefully hidden eggs (yes, I am the egg hider 😊) for our grandchildren ages 23, 16 and 3. I like when our older grandkids have to really think about where she could have hidden the eggs!! Susan and I feel like kids watching everyone run towards where they think the eggs are waiting!!

Today, Good Friday, will be a special day. Shortly, I’ll get on the road and drive to New Jersey to spend the day with my mom. All restrictions have been lifted in her care facility so we can be in her room, and I can stroll her around the property. It’s a beautiful day so we’ll sit outside and reminisce about all our Easter traditions sprinkled with a little family gossip. I’ll find a Stations of the Cross service in the afternoon to watch together knowing by the second station, she’ll probably be snoozing. She’s allowed. 😊 Each time I see my mom, even when it’s walking out of the room and coming back in, her eyes open wide and she says “hi, Bets” as though it was the first time she saw me that day. For me, it’s a priceless moment……’s our new beginning.

May these next few days allow for a time of peaceful reflection of the many blessings we are all given because others sacrificed greatly for us. Be grateful for our freedom and safety. As we bow our heads in prayer through this time, please pray for the end of the war between the Ukraine and Russia. Let the power of prayer and kindness be our best tool for peace.

Much love and blessings to everyone.

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