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Tidbits of Joy #44 - Juneteenth

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

On this Juneteenth, we celebrate Freedom Day, the Emancipation of all enslaved people in the United States. It is a day of celebration that I pray extends forever across all people to truly acknowledge and honor our Black sisters and brothers. This is a reminder that as allies it is our responsibility to always advocate for equity and not when it suits our schedule or opinion. We must be an interruption for discriminating practices, words and behaviors towards our Black sisters and brothers.

We need to be vocal and not be afraid to tell another person when their words are discriminating or “exclusive”. I was taught that love begets love and hate begets hate. We need to have the conversation of love and equity as the louder voice to transform hate to love and we can do this!! May this Juneteenth fill everyone’s hearts with honor and pride and may we all come together to always champion equity and inclusion, every day.

Here is a link for Juneteenth donations to support and empower various organizations. Juneteenth 2022: 9 Places To Donate And Give Back (

Thank you all for the space to love and elevate each other.

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