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Tidbits of Joy #46 - Persevere

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

Every so often I reflect on my journey in life and my career. There still are days when I am weary because of obstacles put on the path of progress as well as the days that something comes across my desk that I have not encountered and honestly have a pit in my stomach about how and when to act. Yet, I persevere and keep taking steps forward.

An important piece of joy that has occurred over the past week is the beginning of Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s career on the Supreme Court. Her presence gives me hope, not only for her views but for the dreams of the up-and-coming generations. She gives me hope that my 16-year-old granddaughter who has fire in her belly for change will get to experience unconditional acceptance and inclusion. She will have more chances to be at the front of the line and her dreams realized.

When I talk to a new business owner or a young person early on in their career, my words typically are “if you have a dream and it means that much to you, take it all the way.” Justice Jackson shares her wisdom of perseverance during her confirmation hearing which is inspiring for every age.

Take a few minutes to listen.

When in doubt or when fear is tapping you on the shoulder, persevere!! The only way to the other side of our fear is to walk through it, kicking, screaming and sobbing if we must…………….just do it!! Because in life, if we miss that opportunity because of our fear, someone else will be right there to grab it. That’s just how life goes. We certainly see a lot of status quo, mediocrity, etc. and it is when I step outside of that conversation and feel the fear in my belly is when I do some pretty cool stuff or push the needle a little farther towards change, whatever that may be. I applaud people who go back to school later in life because of a dream. That’s perseverance. It’s easy to stay in the same place yet if you reflect on the next 2-4 years, might as well take that risk because in 2 or 4 years you’ll be that much older and will either be closer to a dream or sitting in the same place.

Persevere towards whatever is rumbling in your soul. The feeling of waking up the day after your perseverance won is one of those magical moments when I say thank you God, for whispering to me that I could do it. 😊

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