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Tidbits of Joy #62 - Navigating Burnout & Stress

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

We are in the middle of summer when vacations are at their peak. Have you planned yours yet? It’s important to nourish our bodies and souls with time off and yes, that time off means no email or work. Our society has lost our way where there is an expectation that we are connected while we are on vacation. Let’s break the cycle because our minds and our eyes need to turn off and rest in order for us to be our best selves in our jobs.

I started to write on my out of office response that I have either limited or no access to emails while I am out. The vacations when I tap my email, my mind will start to process the information and I’ll be thinking of what I need to do when I return to the office yet what I have really done is taken away from time to rest as well as time with my wife and family because I then become distracted. So, have I really come back from a vacation rested? Nope!! The vacations that I make a conscious effort to focus on my well-being, I return refreshed and renewed. Don’t we all deserve that? Everyone who in is the workforce has earned time off yet we either don’t take it or have one foot on vacation and the other foot behind our desk. We are not serving our teams when we continue to deplete the well of renewal.

Please listen to my next podcast Room At The Table EP 3: Navigating Burnout and Stress ( My colleague, fellow CEO, Kelly Mitchell of impactHR talk about our respective experiences with burnout and stress. There is something here for everyone and valuable lessons to help recognize the alien that often takes over when we are exhausted. We talk about how to overcome it and how to do our best to avoid it where possible.

Enjoy your summer vacation and give yourself the gift of being disconnected and spending time enjoying who and what you love. 😊

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