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Tidbits of Joy #64 - Women in Leadership

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients, and Friends,

When I think about women in leadership positions, I am inspired by the amazing things that women accomplish with drive and determination. We seem to continue to push to have more women in positions of power as well as an equal number of women sitting on corporate Boards. Think back to some of the awe-inspiring women……Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Golda Meir, Sally Ride, Geraldine Ferraro (the first woman to be on a presidential ticket in 1984), Queen Liliuokalani, Stacy Abrams to name a few.

One of my greatest passions as a leader is passing on the knowledge I have learned from my mentors to others because it brings me much joy to see others flourish and thrive in their careers. In this month’s episode of Room at the Table, I am joined by Dr. Famane Brown and Eileen Scully to talk about women in leadership and what it takes to empower organizations and elevate up-and-coming female leaders. Our discussion touches on the challenges faced by women in leadership, including societal labels, LGBTQ discrimination, and the demand for workplaces to adapt to the needs of diverse employees. Take some time to listen.

I greatly enjoy hearing the perspectives of other women in leadership roles as I am always striving to learn and better myself for those who look to me for guidance, both personally and professionally. I walked away from this episode feeling blessed to be in the company of women who use kindness and coaching as a way to empower their teams. Thank you Dr. Famane Brown and Eileen Scully for bringing your authentic selves to our conversation and for elevating everyone who gets to work with you both.

Thank you for going on this journey with me,


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