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Tidbits of Joy #66 - Creating a Disability Empowered Environment

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients, and Friends,

When I started AdNet/AccountNet, Inc. in 1990, my ultimate goal was to provide a space in the workforce where every minority could feel seen and cared about. No matter a person’s walk of life, I was determined to provide jobs to those who may have been experiencing discrimination in the workplace due to their sexual orientation, religion, gender, or disability.

In America alone, there are 42.5 million citizens facing a disability, which makes up 13% of our overall population according to the U.S. Census Bureau data in 2021. When looking at unemployment rates in America, persons with disabilities make up 8.2% of unemployed individuals in the US.

Every day, AdNet strives to create welcoming and inclusive environments for all of our employees who have a disability. Our niche contracts provide services to support disabled individuals in the workplace so they can perform their jobs at their highest potential. Our employees and contractors have a great deal of pride being part of such meaningful work. I constantly learn from my customers with disabilities. They lovingly teach me about best practices and what is needed in everyday living, not just the workplace.

Being disabled in America and the struggles that come with being disabled on a daily basis are not often discussed publicly. With that in mind, that is why I have chosen to dedicate this month’s episode of Room at the Table to discussing how we as employers can create a disability empowered environment in the workforce. This month, I am joined by my good friend John Guingrich, President and CEO of The League, a nonprofit organization advocating for people with disabilities, to provide insight on this matter. Please take the time to listen to John’s wisdom.

At the end of my discussion with John, I left having a better understanding on disabilities from a disabled person’s perspective and a renewed drive to making my company a better ally for the disabled community.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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