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Tidbits of Joy #67 - Praying for Peace

Dear AdNet Employees, Customers and Friends;

After more education and feedback, I revised my communication to have a wider breath of inclusion. Please know that you are my guides and I value your perspective.

The past few weeks we have read and watched the travesties unfold in Israel. We, at AdNet, pray for Israel and Palestine to overcome the harm that has descended upon a sacred part of our world with so many innocent people impacted directly and indirectly.

These are tender conversations to be spoken and I ask that each of us reach out to our Jewish and Muslim friends and each other to create space for feelings and fears that need to be shared and deeply listened to. We must not allow harm of any kind to come to communities who are experiencing hate crimes and/or are in fear for safety…..we have a responsibility to protect each other during these escalated world events. War is a time where we must support and pray every day that people find a way to respect differences and live in peace. I understand that one might think “how can I possibly make a difference here to end the war in Israel?” We start with praying that good overcomes evil and be kind in our respective walks of life. Speak kindness and interrupt antisemitic and all other hateful comments. Love needs to be the resounding walk of life.

As we go into our week, I ask everyone to pray for peace and be kind.


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