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Tidbits of Joy #79 - Invisible Not Broken

Dear AdNet Employees, Clients and Friends;

To many people in this country, July means backyard BBQs, hot days chilling in the pool, and celebrating the foundation of America. July also means that it is Disability Pride Month. Many people who do not have a disability look at those in the disabled community as broken or “not normal”.

When I was outlining my second season of Room at the Table, I wanted to host a second episode on disabilities because it is a topic that often gets overlooked and there is still such a lack of understanding on how many different disabilities exist and are often hidden.

AdNet strives to be inclusive to all, which is why we pride ourselves on being run by people who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled community, and by people of color. We celebrate Disability Month not only because it directly impacts our team, but because the disabled community deserves uplifting every day.

Last year’s episode on disabilities discussed how to create a disability empowered work environment with John Guingrich. This year, I decided to tackle the topic of invisible disabilities and how to help foster a more disability friendly workplace. In this month’s episode, I am joined by two AdNet employees who understand invisible disabilities firsthand, Lynn Lafy and Sydney Blondell. Lynn is AdNet’s HR Consulting Supervisor and Sydney is my assistant.

At the end of my discussion with Lynn and Sydney, I left having a better understanding on invisible disabilities from a disabled person’s perspective and a renewed drive to making my company a better ally for the disabled community.

Thank you for listening to Room at the Table and I hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend.

Best wishes,

Betsy Cerulo

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